North Pine SC is a growing Football Club located on the north side of Brisbane.  In 2016 we had about 500 players in both Football and Netball and are looking to increase again in 2017.    To run a club takes some effort and we rely upon the help and generosity of volunteers from both sports and at all levels in giving up their time.  Unfortunately, we are always short of volunteers and there are a number of jobs / tasks that need doing that are not done as effectively as we would like through personnel shortages.  Some roles don’t actually take much, yet we always have trouble trying to fill them.


The lack of volunteers is always an ongoing concern, and it has been especially obvious that a change is required. To commence in 2017, the Committee has decided to introduce a “Volunteer Levy Program” to impress upon players’ families the urgent need to have volunteer assistance to successfully operate the functions of the club. Those that participate in a range of voluntary roles will benefit from this program.

Management Practices

  1. The new Volunteer Levy Program – will now see members contribute financially to recognising and rewarding our valued volunteers.  Simply, if you volunteer you will receive the financial outlay you have paid on sign on back at the completion of your 5hrs commitment.  For those who don’t want to or cannot volunteer then you can do this guilt free, this will be in the way of the ‘compulsory’ $50 Volunteer Levy paid at sign on.
  2. We are fully committed to providing our volunteers with the information and training they need to enjoy the experience, but most importantly we value your time and we will not waste it. So be assured if you commit to volunteering in our club it will not be ‘for life’ and it will be truly appreciated.

Volunteer Rebate

Refunds will be processed as follows:
Each family will receive a Volunteer Booklet —this is to be filled in by the relevant committee member every time you complete a job. Once requirement is reached this will then need to be completed and handed in to the Treasurer who will confirm your eligibility and start your refund process.