Welcome to another year of Netball

This is an exciting year for the North Pine Netball Committee as we have lots of great projects and developments happening.  Some of the things you will see in 2017 are:

  • New Club Uniforms that will create a more exciting look for the club,
  • New Resurfaced courts,
  • More events to bring the teams together,
  • Less fundraising (This has been built into fees),
  • Greater Social Media presence for netball through Facebook and Instagram,
  • Greater level of support and development for our coaches, managers and umpires, and
  • Looking for more opportunities to participate in carnivals.

We would like to thank everyone who completed the survey at the end of the 2016 Season.  We have taken in all your feeback and are now fully aware of what you are looking for within a club.

Netball Committee